A competitiveness condition of both scientific as well as designing and production bodies consists in preserving their “youth”, including a learning ability also by taking advantage of scientific and technical information. An activity of the scientific-and-technical information includes, among others, an organized functioning of scpecialistic centres and it incorporates storing, processing and rendering accessible the information about a condition and development trends of science and technology, not only on the domestic level, but mainly on the world -wide level. For over 40 years in the KOMAG organizational structure the unit of scientific-and-technical information operates and it stores information and, at present, also elaborates and supervises specialistic, bibliographic computer base INTE-KOMAG, using the licensed packet Micro CDS/ISIS.

The subject-matter of the base incorporates a widely understood mechanization of underground mining: machines for cutting and transporation, powered roof supports, longwall systems, stowing, drilling, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, winding machines and equipment, issues from the scope of coal processing and mechanical beneficiation, environmental protection, issues connected with a restructuring process of the mining industry.

See: Thematic scope

The chronological range of the computer base incorporates the years 1985 – till the latest publications and the base itself incorporates more than 43 350 records and each of them includes bibliographical data of the source document, a translation of a foreign title, a descriptive analysis or in the case of more important publications the author’s abstract or comments.

This base enables the Unit to prepare information on:
  • thematic lists,
  • thematic profiles in the current information system,
  • information services,
  • analytical-and-synthetic elaborations,
  • other information services, whose subject-matter and frequency can be agreed
See also: “Novelties in the World Mining Literature”Unit working time: everyday from 8.00 a.m. till 1.00 p.m.email: mpodgorska@komag.eu, egajda@komag.eu