Patents - The patents obtained in 2018 year

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The patents obtained in 2018 year:

  1. Hydrostatic drive transmission system with automatic mode of manoeuvering operation (229279).
  2. Autonomous system for monitoring safe operation parameters of the mining locomotive lead-acid accumulator battery (229580).
  3. Device for measuring geothermal potential of the ground or rock mass (230 588).
  4. Mechanically assisted hydraulic stabilizer, preferably for the suspended railway (229 823).
  5. Control system of the air dustiness monitoring in mining headings (229 919).
  6. Washed-back liquid filter (231035).
  7. Filter for liquids with return flushing (230751).
  8. Windlass pneumatic control system (231474.
  9. Valve assembly with electromagnetic intermediate control and unidirectional flow (231746).
  10. Hydraulic brake unit for emergency stopping of a train (230758).
  11. Method and device for continuous thermal decomposition of plastic scrap, preferably polyolefins (231461).
  12. Method for combined running of thermal waste recovery processes (230753).
  13. Automatically controlled compressor unit (231764).
  14. Electrical energy generator, powered by changes in the working medium pressure in the hydraulic system (70208).