A producer must conduct tests to be able to introduce a product to the market legally, and then to conduct a product assessment, confirming whether the product, produced by him, is safe and whether he can declare its conformity with the applicable technical requirements.The Division of Attestation tests Certifying Body performs an assessment of products’ conformity with the basic requirements of the 2006/42/WE Directive of the European Parliament and Council dated 17 May 2006 on machinery, changing the 95/16/WE Directive which was implemented into the Polish Law by the Minister’s of Economy Decree dated 21 October 2008 on basic requirements for machinery (Official Gazette No. 199, Item 1228).The tests, indispensable for a confirmation of fulfilling, by the machine, of the basic requirements of the MD Directive in the scope of health protection and safety, are conducted at the KOMAG accredited laboratories (AB 039 and AB 665).Within the framework of authorization and notification, granted to the KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology in the scope of conformity assessment, the Division of Attestation Tests Certifying Body conducts an assessment of the following groups of products:Machines for underground operations of the following types:
  • locomotives and brake cars,
  • hydraulic powered roof supports.

 Scope of granted notification

2006/42/WE Directive (MACHINERY)

The course of action, within the framework of the conformity assessment procedures according to 2006/42/WE Directive in the KOMAG Institute, is described in the Guide – book MACHINERY – TESTING OF TYPE.

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