The Division of Powered Roof Supports realizes scientific, R&D and implementation projects as regards machines and equipment supporting the roof, especially powered roof support.

We offer:

  • Development of concepts as regards:

–    new solutions of powered roof supports, –    modernization of existing powered roof supports, –    solutions of powered roof supports of special application, e.g. face end supports, –    solutions of individual support of special application, e.g. rescue support, –    structure and hydraulic systems of powered roof supports as well as individual and special supports, –    hydraulic supply and control systems of powered roof supports, –    full installations of pipelines.

  • Participation in work of the commissions appointed by the Managers of Mining Plant Operations to asses technical condition of powered roof supports on the basis of the regulations, which are in force – as the Notified Body representatives.
  • Development of opinions concerning use of different types of powered roof supports in longwall faces on the basis of the KOMAG expert authorization issued by the President of the State Mining Authority.
  • Supervision over laboratory tests  of powered roof supports, supervision over manufacture and implementation of design solutions of machines and equipment, technical consultancy on designing, manufacture and operation of powered roof  supports, analyses and calculations with use of computer technologies.

Contact: Marek Szyguła, Ph.D. Eng. Manager of the Division of Powered Roof Supports phone: +48 32 2374124 e-mail: