Division of Attestation Tests Certifying Body continues over 30-year long tradition of the KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology in the domain of testing and assessing safety levels of machines and equipment. At the very beginning of its activity, the Division specialized in attestation tests of winders. In course of time, when the testing infrastructure was developed and the qualifications of the engineers’ staff were improved, at a simultaneous increase of requirements, concerning work safety in underground mining operations, the scope of equipment, subject to tests and assessments at KOMAG, was increased.

At present the Division of Attestation Tests Certifying Body as:

  • the accredited body certifying products on the base of accreditation granted by the Polish Accreditation Centre (live certificate + scope of accreditation – AC 023) – conducts certification of machines and equipment, mainly dedicated for use in mining plants,
  • body certifying management systems,
  • notified body (No. 1456) on the base of notification granted by the European Commission fulfills task determined in:
    • 2006/42/EU Directive (Machinery),
    • 2014/34/UE Directive (ATEX),
    • 2009/48/UE Directive (Safety of Toy).
  • certifying body giving opinions on products allowed for use in mining plants, on the base of Art. 113, Part 3 of Act from 9th June 2011 – Geological and Mining Law (official Journal from 2015, Item 196 together with later changes): tests and assessments concern: components of mine winders i.e. winding machines, shaft signaling and communication equipment, slow-speed winches, rope pulleys and products used in underground workings among others equipment of rope transport, suspended monorails, floor-mounted railways, cars for men-riding, special cars, electric machines and equipment, switchgear for voltage exceeding 1 kV of alternating current or exceeding 1.5 kV of direct current, communication, safety and alarm systems, and also integrated control systems of winning and face complexes.
  • renowned branch body – delivers expert opinions in the voluntary mode, concerning risk assessment of individual machines and equipment, as well as technological systems incorporating a designing phase and also an operation.
  • assessing body on the basis of the Minister’s of Economy decree from 9th June 2006 (Act No. 124, Item 863) changing the decree on work safety and hygiene, conducting operations and specialistic anti-fire protection in underground mining plants (Act No. 139 from 2002, Item 1169)