The Conformity Assessment System is regulated by the Act of Parliament dated 30th August 2002 about the conformity assessment  system (uniform text Official Gazette 2016, Item 655).KOMAG is a Notified Body (Notification No. 1456) and performs a conformity assessment of products within the scope of the following European Directives:
  • 2006/42/WE Machinery,
  • 2014/34/UE ATEX,
  • 2006/48/WE Safety of Toys.
The status of a Notified Body authorizes KOMAG to perform an assessment of products for conformity with the requirements of a.m. Directives and to confirm this assessment by:
  • testifying an acceptance of technical documentation for storage,
  • a certificate of testing the type WE/UE,
  • a conformity assessment,
  • a notification about a quality assurance of the production process,
  • a notification about a product quality assurance,
  • a technical opinion,
  • a programme of product tests,
  • an assessment report.

Contact: Manager: Andrzej Figiel, Ph.D. Eng. email: phone +48 32 2374604, +48 32 2374570 fax: +48 32 2374581