Three accredited testing laboratories are active in the organizational structure of the KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology, which conduct tests according to the scope of their accreditationNo. AB 039; AB 665 and AB910; issued by the Polish Accreditation Centre in the following fields of activity:


Laboratory of Tests
The offer of the Laboratory of Tests includes:
  • tests of powered roof support units, of legs and hydraulic valves,
  • tests of friction props,
  • tests of hydraulic legs supplied centrally,
  • tests of hydraulic pipes and pipelines,
  • tests of roadway support components,
  • measurements of mechanical quantities.
Manager: Jarosław Czubaszek, M.Sc. Eng. phone: 32 2374571 e-mail:


Laboratory of Applied Tests
The offer of the Laboratory of Applied Tests includes the following groups of tests:
  • environmental noise,
  • impact of vibrations on humans and vibrations of machines,
  • temperature,
  • intrinsic safety of electric circuits,
  • antielectrostatic properties of non-conducting materials,
  • environmental and climatic impact,
  • degree of enclosure protection (Code IP),
  • electrical quantities,
  • electric drives,
  • prototypes of new solutions of machines and equipment.
Manager: Łukasz Orzech, Ph.D. Eng. phone: 32 2374819 e-mail:


Laboratory of Material Engineering and Environment
The offer of the Laboratory of Material Engineering and Environment includes:
  • material and non – destructive tests,
  • tests of safe use of toys and articles for children,
  • tests of hazardous substances in materials and products for conformity with the REACH Regulation,
  • test of electric and electronic equipment for conformity with the RoHS Directive,
  • tests of materials and products intended for a contact with food,
  • safety tests of playgrounds and of surfaces absorbing falls.
Manager: Beata Grynkiewicz-Bylina, D.Sc. Eng. Prof. at KOMAG phone: 32 2374665 e-mail: